STREET & Wide horizons  

I have the need to flee from city atmospheres and head towards wide landscapes where my mind is free. If I cannot experience such liberty, I simply find a way to escape within an urban environment. I imagine open horizons or expressions within a contained space. I create my own freedom.

sunroof mirror

On a beautiful sunny day, I must shoot a picture of a picture being taken. The sky is blue, the sun is shining nicely. What a view and hot spot! 

Kongensgade 30, the garbage place


blue planet expedition 

Humans landed on a cold planet, full of snow, where a bright light colours grey aluminium panels in blue. The new land feels safe and amicable.                           

bb fiction neatness


street art smoke


fifty fifty

foot-pace #2


the american bum dream

The Big Apple nightlife. A palpable energy enriched with vivid and striking colours. Sitting on luminous red steps when in need of an energy refill is free to all (bums). A small and yet important example of the attraction of the American dream.

operahouse #7


foot-pace #1

We, humans, stand on our feet to discover the world. My moving camera honours the world of below, where our feet belong and where reflections of movements bounce and shine.



walking on me