abstract illusions 

A game, a mere figment of my imagination. Utterly funny, possibly crazy, but surely addictive. Once I start, I simply cannot stop the infinite duplication play. I turn, flip, transform colours, shapes of objects, scenes, and people. The outcome is a pure, abstract material composition. It is just an illusion…

the ice curtain

the continuous grasscut

An absurd endeavour in a circle. An endless repeat of a grass cutting task. Are simple chores a distraction of our human condition? Or is it pure humour on display? To be a hostage inside a box.

interconnecting identities

A patchwork of different faces captured in a single frame, each one unique and yet all connected. It is a reminder that we are all part of something larger than ourselves, and that our identities are interconnected.

twin windows plot


reversed vertigo


the hypnotist


About l'Aquila

"About L’Aquila" - L’Aquila, Italy 2022, Photographic metamorphosis, homage to Tancredi Parmeggiani. Fontana delle 99 Cannelle where even the water crumbled together with reality at the time of the terrible earthquake of 2009.

reflections #1


the blue eye


sailing dream


the endless palace


panorama on the run