"Monster attack"

 "Monster Attack" is exposed and for sale at the Decode Gallery, Tucson, Arizona in the "Darkness" exhibition.

From Laurence Arrigo Klove:
I'll be watching. Every move he makes. Full of favorable and foreseeable strides. My opinion on Sergio Petrelli has been confirmed once again.
His 'MONSTER ATTACK' has been selected by Decode, the up and coming photography gallery in the creative scene of Tucson Arizona.

Tucson is well-known for its Center for Creative Photography; a rich archive of work from prestigious photographers such as Adams Ansel and Edward Weston.
A submission based gallery, Decode carefully selects fine art photographers from all over the world and gives them the opportunity to showcase their talent.
MONSTER ATTACK blackness is presented in the 'DARKNESS' universe, the new exhibition of DECODE GALLERY:

MONSTER ATTACK belongs to the 'Captured Tensions' collection of Sergio.

The picture provokes a unique experience of dark and magnetic light. His work is infused by his intense imagination, digital manipulation, and life adventure invitation.
Having worked for Sergio to encapsulate his art into words, 'an abstract reflection on the world’s complexity and beauty', I could not be happier today.
Happy Sunday Sergio! Your beautiful smile on the world is mine. Only, mine is not modest.
Guys, I happily purchased 4 pictures. FYI.

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terme di diocleziano, rome, italy
MUSEO NAZIONALE ROMANO  "L'istante e l'eternità. Tra noi e gli antichi"  
"The Instant and Eternity. Between Us and the Ancients"

Here a selection of some amazing art pieces, shoot during my visit at the show.

C4FAP 2023 
award submission - Fort Collings, Colorado

My submission to the "Altered Images" Award, by The Centre for Fine Art Photography

life on bosphorus #1

the lonely bench

montello abstract #2

beeHive Hippies

the game of chairs

about l'aquila

lensculture fine-art award editor's pick

Great News. My News: one of my pictures made the Editors' pick. Thank you LensCulture Art Photography Awards 2023 International Jury! My picture "Across the lines" has been selected to be featured in the online Competition Gallery. Discover my inspiration in the caption below.

A human encounter in a suspended, contemplative space. Is the line to be crossed? Will the first move become ‘a pas de deux’? Or will it be a sliding movement shifting away from each other. Nothing happens. The New Tate, London.

editor's review

"A wonderfully complex moment happen between the two people in the photograph. I love how they are at an impasse across these lines and on different quadrants. And of course the large, enigmatic and deeply moody (blue) space is a beautiful environment in which this all exists. That blue really forces me to embody the gravity of the moment--all the while knowing that all of this could be an illusion. In other words, for all we know, the two people are unrelated, daydreaming, and have no relationship to each other. But that's the beauty of photography: it only shows us what we think we see."

venezia "la biennale 2022"

I'm so excited to share my selection of the amazing works I saw at the Venice Biennale 2022


Left to right, top to bottom:   1. Richard Orlinski    2. Barbara Kruger     3. Simone Leigh    4. Ruth Asawa    5. Paolo Fantin    6. Tetsumi Kudo    7. Simone Leigh                            8. Liliane Lijn    9. Simone Leigh    10. Sable Elyse Smith    11. Ignasi Aballí    12. Elias Sime                 

What a wonderful word 
solo exhibition @institut FUTURA21

I chose the title "What a wonderful word" to thank Futura21, an Institute of Research and Development based in Geneva, Switzerland for their appreciation and description of my experimental work. The truth is that I did not write any words myself. I focused on my photographs, on my imaginary and abstract vision of a perfect society. "What a wonderful world".

All the images printed on Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk 310gsm and mounted on aluminium.

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