I ponder on the absurdity of life by tackling a serious philosophical question with loads of humour. I create a distraction of our human condition, taking off from a  serious space to reach a high above dimension, full of laughter. Such oxygen rich metamorphosis is very addictive.

the game of chairs

A chair obsession. An infinite duplication of chairs turned, flipped, transformed in colour and shape. At last, an abstract material composition creates a vivid energy. 

beehive hippies

A field full of beehives creates a new life. A hippie lifestyle, with unconventional shapes, psychedelic colours, and life celebrations. A symphony of buzzing bees and vibrant wildflowers fills the air, infusing the scene with the essence of nature's harmony. A whole new world. The Summer of love, Italian mountains.

Chromatic symphony

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of "Chromatic Symphony," where lines and colors unite to create a symphony of visual harmony. This abstract composition invites you to immerse yourself in a captivating dance of form and chromatic expression.

montello abstract #2


the lonely bench


the game of transparent chairs


fake engineering

A pure invention of mine. A modern and über artistic Berlin with a magnificent building made of multiple duplications twisted countlessly. Berlin.

hommage à Folon


dna matrix

tracks to the castle


dynamic water


life on the Bosphorus #1